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ASU Broken Leo4ALL


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PC Model: Gateway GT4016



Manufacturer: First International Computer, Inc

Model: KTBC51G (http://www.fic.com.tw/product/motherboard/AMD/KTBC51G.aspx)

Chipset: North: NVIDIA C51G / South: nVidia MCP51/G

Onboard Lan Controller+PHY-- AC131 co-lay / Support 10/100 Mbps


Graphics Card:

Nvidia GeForce 6100


Now, Leo4All 10.5.4 works wonders. Though there's some bugs (like not being able to call with Skype.. and I pay for that {censored})


My main concern is the ASU software update. For one, if you try and install all 6 Updates from 10.5.4, once it reaches Remote Assistance update it stops downloading.


Second, if you install 1 by one (I tried by doing the 10.5.5 update) it works slowly, but surely it installs. On reboot, it reboots twice and on the 2nd reboot it breaks my entire OS. "You must reboot". No kernel panics, nothing.


For the 10.5.4 install I chose:


9.4.0 Kext

EFI Boot + Requirements

Azalia Audio



Wanted applications.


Any idea why I can't update? Or atleast get Skype working? <_<


Edit: Also for all others using this type of computer, ForceDeth-V and NVKush don't give you internet access nor does it allow you to change OS's. (But wont install the OS without them) Use KextHelper and download/install:






That should get the resolution + internet working 100%, just don't change your resolution to something your monitor can't handle or you'll never be able to boot into the OS again.. trust me.

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