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Kernel panic on iDeneb v 1.3 10.5.5

Alex Yankee

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Hi to everyone. I'll be very appreciated for any help.


There is my problem:


Installing MAC OS X from iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on separate HD on IDE channel without any problems, using kernel 9.4 StageXNU.

First problem - I cant try Vanilla 9.5.5 kernel - reboots after "gray bootscreen with apple" appears. -x bootswitch dont help.

Second problem - StageXNU 9.4 kernel cant boot with -x bootswitch, kernel panic on gray bootscreen.

In normal mode MAC OS X starts, i have:


working PNY 8800 G92 GTS 512 with hardware acceleration,

working 8001 Marvel Yukon network adapter (second integrated MY 8052 on PCI-Express bus not working)

working ADI 1988 sound,

even my E-MU 1616 PCI working after installing kxProject kext!


BUT - often & occasionally system falls down with kernel panic, screenshot with debug info in attachments.


I'm tryed another kernels: 9.2.2, 9.2 Sleep, another drivers for video: NVInject, NVKush

but in any variations i have a kernel panic screen.


Please, help me to get a working hackintosh - cant wait to put my hands on Logic 8.


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yea could you tell , i have same random kernel panics on ideneb , on p5b with sata disk, ide, and usb hard disk, so tell me how you made this , i think its from ideneb this kernel crash , i have it installed on my laptop and laptop crashes after random time.

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