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Hackintosh for sale


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Hi all,


After playing and having fun with my Hackintosh it's time for me to work on a new project.

It was great fun installing, configuring and playing with my Hackintosh but I want something new.

There for I would like to sell my perfectly working (except for the line-in/mic) Hackintosh.

I successfully tried the Kalyway install method and retail install method.




HP dc7700 Small Form Factor desktop

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz

4GB ram pc5300 (667Mhz)

MSI GeForce 8400gs 256MB

160GB Harddisk SATA II

Dual Layer DVD Burner SATA

Realtek 8169s NIC

Keyboard + optical mouse (both wired)



I won't be selling the machine with Leopard installed. :)

Selling it with Leopard installed is illegal so I will be selling it with Windows XP pre-installed.


New price: 300,- euro



I live in The Netherlands, so preferabally buyers are from The Netherlands or Belgium but we can always find a different solution.

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