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[Help] various problems with kalyway 10.5.3


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okay, so I'm new to the forums, and kinda new to hackintosh, I performed a forum search before, but couldn't find any understandable solution to my problems.


so my setup is a q6600 quad core 2.4ghz (all 4 cores recognized), an nvidia 8600GTS 512mb (I have to use nvinject-512, right?), 2GB ram, ASRock 1333-viiv motherboard.

I installed with the kalyway 10.5.2 DVD and a modded sleepsupport kernel, then immediately updated to 10.5.3 with the comboupdate package.

I have an almost perfect install now (wifi only worked after update, but updating broke some other things), and several small things are still bugging me:

- after the update, the graphics driver seems to have some issues, for example the water ripple effect on the dashboard was removed now, and overall it's not as fluid anymore. is there a way to downgrade to the correctly working kext and will this still be compatible with the 10.5.3, or will this break things?

- I cannot seem to be able to update the conventional way to 10.5.4. with the apple software update. I read everywhere that the 10.5.4 update should work normally, but the 10.5.5 update will make problems, does this mean I cannot update at all?

- time machine doesn't work (even though I installed the fix on install), that's why I won't just experiment with backing up and restoring things if something goes wrong. it's not vital, but it would be good to know if there's any fix for this.

- after the update, the shutdown is crippled. you know what I mean, it shuts down, but the vents don't turn off, etc. I reckon I'll have to install the power management bundle, but can I install it safely after having updated?


also, is Xcode compatible with kalyway's package?


any help is very much appreciated.

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