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Ok, so I have been reading these forums for quite some time now and have my Laptop working nice, but now I am building a desktop. I've got my MoBo, DVD Drive, RAM, Network and sound all sorted out but just have not decided on what vid card to get. I would like some advice on what video cards are the most worry free or just work out of box.


Here is what I think (after reading the HCL wiki and thousands of posts on this forum) will work best, all are PCI-E:


ATI: 2600 PRO, 2600 XT, 3850 and 3870

Nvidia: 7300 GS/GT, 7600 GT, 8500 GT, 8800 GT


I have pretty much all the distros and updates to fiddle around with and I have ASUS 8500 GT but I cant get QE/CI enabled (dont know why).


Any advice on which card to get will be appreciated.





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I would suggest the 8500GT or the 8800GT, best card there and nVidia works better on os x then ATI


For drivers i suggest installing OSX86 Tools and using the "Add EFI strings/Boot Flag"


Here is what that does according to there website.


Add EFI Strings/Boot Flags


This Boot Editor allows you to modify your com.apple.Boot.plist file to add boot flags, timeout, quietboot, graphics mode, and EFI strings (Requires PC_EFI v8 or Chameleon). Then you get a dialog box with a bunch of fields where you can modify the values in com.apple.Boot.plist and quite a few options to generate and manipulate EFI strings (device properties) in the toolbar. Warning: Make sure you know what you are doing when using this. It may render your computer unbootable.


Pm-me for any questions


PS: EFI strings are more stable and work better than injectors.

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