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after iatkos v4 install boot from cd option disabled


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installed iatkos v4 10.5.4 on two computers; my older desktop (P4 reboot loops unsuccessful) and my laptop (successful). after some time I decided to try other things but since the installation the boot from cd drive option is crippled on both machines. both computers could boot many different cds, but now only certain cds will boot. for most cds the bootup hangs on the cd drive then moves on to the harddrive even if I pick boot from cd in bios. I have since formatted the harddrive and still the cd boot problem prevails on both computers.


I have only had this problem since installing iakos (the laptop used to run kalyway) on both computers


heres the strange list of what will boot and what wont.




all windows cds 2000, xp , and vista all boot fine... but what good is that? ;)

iatkos v4 the disc I used originally still works of course

partition magic and system rescue cds (how I formatted the hd with each)



anything k/ubuntu alternate or desktop cd as well as a few other distros

other hackintosh disks (DENEB, Kalyway, TOH)

I assume anything else (Im gonna try a different linux distro soon)


ultimately Id like to put ubuntu back on both machines, maybe try DENEB, and kill the vista starter that is running on these poor computers.


any help solving my cd boot problem would be greatly appreciated.

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