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Install Retail Leopard while using Tiger


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Instead of downloading the Kalway build of leopard you can use the old OSx86 of tiger. This trick is taken from a old school way of installing Tiger on unsupported G3 macs and installing early releases of FrontRow.


All you need is the following.

A empty drive formatted to HFS+ and set to boot via GUUID.


Registered copy of Pacifist 2.5.2

Retail copy of Leopard (mine is 10.5.1)

Combo update for 10.5.5

v4.2.zip from LTL's thread


Create a image of the leopard DVD.

Mount the image, start Tinkertool and start Pacifist.

Make TinkerTool to enable "Show hidden files"

On the CD image go into System/Installation/Packages

Drag and drop OSInstall.mpkg into Pacifist.

Wait a few minutes for it to load the files.

Authorize root access in Pacifist.

Select File and Install Files to Other Disk...

Select your empty drive and let all of the files install.


For the combo 10.5.5 patch install it via the Pacifist way.

After installing the update you need the run the EFI_v8 patch. Unzip the v4.2.zip file from LTL's thread and edit the file called post-patch.sh in text edit. Change the line DESTINATION=Macintosh to the label of the drive you want to use. I used Hackintosh-1 for my build so it looks like this DESTINATION=Hackintosh-1.


Save changes and go into the terminal. Navigate to the directory to where the post-patch.sh file is located and run the script.


After finishing up go into system prefs and select Startup Disk cross your fingers and hope the freshly installed Leopard shows up. If it shows up then you're good to go.

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