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An incredible problem!


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Hi, dudes! I have a really stupid problem with Leo on iDeneb 1.3.! After install (oh, it's about 2,5 - 3 hours) my PC shows only grey background with apple logo and damned whirling circle. If i try to boot this on "-v" it shows finally that - "jnl: unknown-dev: flushing fs disk buffer returned 0x5". What it means, and can i faught this? I sure it's a tricks of babylon! Nobody from my surround can't explain this problem for me! And i hope only on your genios minds! :rolleyes: Pease! Jah bless you! :)


P.S. My specifications:

Cel D 2,66Ghz, 1480Mb DDR2, 128Mb ATI Radeon x200, Realtek AC97, 80Gb Maxtor HDD on primary master

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