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HFS+ Partition Error on single HDD GUID formated


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Hi all,

Need an opinion / instruction because after installing Leo (vanilla) I get a HFS+ partition error. I've seen the standard solution with the retail DVD F8 boot and -s sequence followed by the fdisk setting active the partition

(fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

flag 2 (2 should be ur OSX partition number) <---- (mine is 1)




Does the previous fdisk remedy apply also to hard drives that are partitioned with GUID partition table? I'm asking that because in every place this solution is mentioned there's an issue with dual or triple boot (Leo, Win, Linux). In other words is it safe on a single hard drive, guid partitioned, on a PC that's full time hackintosh, to use the fdisk -e? If not what should I do to get my hard disk boot without the 132 (aka GALAXY_BOOT) CD.



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