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Dell Laptop- Vista and Kalyway 10.5.2


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I tried this in another part of this forum but with out response, maybe some one here may help.

I am new here and somewhat new to the hackintosh scene, I have tried it on an older systems but have given up.


I recently bought a Dell Latitude XT tablet and cannot install Kalyway correctly. I sectioned my HD for 30GB for OSX and bout 45GB for Vista. I booted into Kalyway no sweat off the docking station dvd drive, but it did not identify my HD in Disk Utility. I use a mac and know some advanced functions so im not left in the dark with the disk utility, but I couldn't get my laptop to recognise my HD. I then tried to use a flashdrive for the installation to go into OSX and try to copy over the system files, but the installation had a problem. When it completed, 4 hours later cuz no USB 3.0 yet, I restarted my machine and it would not boot into OSX, it simply showed what you see when you boot to kalyway (press f8 for more options...). I was wondering what went wrong that made it not see my HD, do you know? I saw another thread much like this but leading nowhere. I was thinking that I was using the incorrect distro of hackintosh? Any help is appreciated except when someone tells me just use OSX on my macbook pro. Thank you all!!!

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