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@LOOK@----Assistance with Iatkos Or JAS PLEASE! @LOOK@


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I'll make a long story short......


I installed 10.5.2 iatkos everything went smooth i had most drivers except wireless and such. Then i tried to update it with Iatkos 10.5.4 just by booting and trying the upgrade Well then i get what i think is a kernal panic? upon bootup on the apple loading screen with a quick flash of letters and numbers? I'm frustrated? Why an upgrade NOR fresh install of 10.5.4 worked when 10.5.2 was flying colors give or take. ANY SUGGESTIONS on why this is happening and how i can update it succsessfully?


Same with Jas 10.5.4 it boots off the CD get's to a "BLUE" blank screen and STOPS no dvd spinnig nothing!?


Why can't i update to 10.5.4?


Please guys anything to put me in the right direction links,link,and more links

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