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my second g5 case mod


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i saw aquamac's and others' great g5 case mods and gave this a try because I just love the look of the g5 case. My first one was hard and i was learning how to make it all work as i went. So it was not very easy (this is my second case mod ever). Also on my first mod i was just using parts i had around the house and tried to make them work. On this case i bought parts that seemed to go a bit better with the g5 case. The dvd player ejects the door just perfectly and i have access to all of the i/o ports on the mobo. lost one pci slot and 2 pci express x 1.


No big deal. I really love the g5 case design and now i have two. I used a nibbler to cut out the manifold for the psu. I didn't want to cover the psu with the manifold because i like the mirror finish on the psu. I have two hard drive down there that get air blown across them and out the back from the psu. The whole rig is quiet and cool.


Mobo P5K-E wifi

e8400 3.0 @ 4.07 stable http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/79056

8800 GTS

Pioneer sata DVD R/W

2x2 gigs Corsair 800

Nexus case fans(super quiet and nice sounding)

ThermalRight HR-01 Plus cpu cooler





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hehe sticmac. I haven't been here in a while..just saw the request. Well it's nothing fancy. I just cut the solid part of the i/o plate from the g5 case using a dremel. I have access on both of my G5 cases to all of the ports on the asus boards except some of the sound, but that's not an issue as i use firewire sound cards and just the stereo out(green).



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