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Tips, Ideas - VGA card crashes - eiter over heating or driver incompaitability.


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Hi again, as you know Im new to Hackintosh,

I installed iATKOS and it went cool after I fixed a kernel panic but now I have another problem, It goes up and I can hear that something is happening but can't see anything, my stupid 1950x PRO crashes to power saving mode. I cant see s*hi*t but I can hear everything.

its one of two I figured:

Either my stupid 1950x Pro heats like hell and crashes to power saving mode.

or the driver aint compaitable,

brings me to the next question - is there a possible Hackintosh safe mode which I can load my OSx86 through it? meaning safe mode.

btw on XP everything is cool - I use ray adams tray tools and it hold 60C idle but I dont know what happens with the hackintosh.

what do you think ? (also notice the question above ^).



My comp specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Gh\z , Hyper Threading CPU - prescott (SSE3).

1.5GB RAM - Kingston DDR 1 (3 yo comp.)

ATI Radeon 1950x PRO (stupid card).

If anymore info is needed please let me know!


so... ANY IDEAS?

all replies will be most appriciated.

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