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Boot-132 + Retail + Asus P5K Pro


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Hi all,


I have an Asus P5k Pro Motherboard, 8600Gt Vid Card

I decided to give Boot-132 + Retail install a go.


At first tried usb-boot-132 but couldnt for the life of me get a worrking solution. (got it close with the boot foiegn OS error)


Eventually tried a few different boot-132 images.

generic :(

then the P5K boot image. ;)


That worked :rolleyes: well but no sound :huh: and video card :censored2: wasnt being installed properly.


I installed Chameleon for Hard disk which worked a treat. :rolleyes:


No kexts worked for audio so eventually I tried Tauga's 1.20 patcher with the ALC883.txt codec info. - Worked :rolleyes:


I tried efistudio to add an EFI string - but no go. Eventually used a nvkush or something - again it worked


So now I have a fully retail bootable system, updated to 10.5.5 - very happy.


Anyone have any thoughts on the Audio and video card so I dont have to re apply patches on updates?


Thanks to DFE and the osx86 community! and everyone else who has contributed to extending our knowledge and endevours





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