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Solution for NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 on Leopard?

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I'm not sure but I remember that in my case I had to put the FX5200 ID in GeForce.Kext



<string>0x032210de 0x00c310de&0xffffffff</string>


And I used Natit.kext


It worked for me, try this and post if it worked...

Sorry for my english.

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Thanks for your answer.

Try to change the ID of GeForce.kext...

Had you a black screen to reboot after installing the Natit drivers or not? Is ID of your NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 is 0x0322?

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Hi, i can't say exactly which packages I had installed but in my case:


I installed 10.5.1 Zephyroth DVD to install MAC and after I used some Leo4All packages to Update my MAC OS X to 10.5.4


I think it will be useful: I didn't used any Graphics package, because I use Natit and never had problems with my Geforce FX5200...


In previos MAC versions I used to put my card ID on GeForce.kext to get the Natit.kext working with FX 5200 (QE/CI Enabled...)

But now, It worked without changes.


Try to use only Natit and put the Device ID on GeForce.kext, don't use any other kext together like AgpGart, Titan and NVInject...


Don't forget to repair permissions etc... or use Kext Helper because it's easyer...


In this picture you can see my configs...


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Hi, i tried to install only Natit without AGPGart. I changed the id in GeForce.kext but does not work. On the restart, it locks on a blue screen, no boot. In verbose mode seems that Natit sees the video card with 0x0322 ID, but does not work, even in safe boot.


It may be the kernel?

I am using the Kernel 9.2.0 Sleep SSE2/SSE3

I might try to use the SSE3 kernel 9.2.2.


You have always used the 9.2.2 kernel SSE3 with your NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200?

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I used to have this bluescreen when I was trying to put the EFI in 10.5.1...

I was testing dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext from the EFI packs and it used to show that bluescreen...


If you changed this kexts, try to restore your previous working dsmos.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext and don't use EFI...

If you use the wrong dsmos.kext the user interface will not load and you'll see only this bluescreen...



I don't know if it's a rule for everyone... but in my case it was... try to do that and tell me what happened...

Sorry for my english...

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