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Request for Realtek software EQ designer


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Not sure if this is the proper place to make a suggestion/ request so someone please let me know if that's the case.


I was curious if there was any development for a software EQ for the Realtek onboard chipsets that many of the motherboards running OSX86 have. I think this would be a plus for all home audio enthusiasts and people playing around with audio creation. The software itself could be very simple and could look and feel like an iTunes/ Windows Media Player style equalizer, but it would globally affect all programs. To date, nothing exists (that I have found) under OSX as a glbal equalizer.


This may be a very hard thing to accomplish, but I wanted to see if any crafty programmers were looking into this, or would like the challenge. I am not a programmer, or I would do it myself if I could.


I would gladly be a tester, and I'm sure other people would too. I anyone thinks this is software that should be looked into by an interested programmer, please vote yes. Most likely this will be my only post for this request, because if no one bites on this now, it probably wouldn't change in a few weeks/ months.


Thanks again to all the hardworking people who have developed and programmed everything thus far, and by giving us an opportunity to use OSX on our PCs. :D




EDIT: I have discovered Audio Hijack Pro which kinda-sorta accomplishes this task. It will perform on a per-program basis but not globally, and you have to start first before you want to use and manipulate the EQ of an audio program. It's ok, but a global EQ would still be nice.

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