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Need Help Figuring Out "Frozen Leopard Desktop"

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I have the intel DG33TL board and I used to be able to install leopard Kaylway 10.5.2 with NVInject-128 Drivers for my Gforce 7300.


Ever since I did a bios update (I cant seem to revert back) If I install Kaylway and include any video drivers I get a blue screen with a mouse when leopard loads. *EDIT* I figured out how to use recovery mode to revert back to an older bios but I have the same issue.


If I power off the computer and reboot it will load to the Leopard desktop in the correct resolution for my 22 inch LCD but everything is frozen.


I can move my mouse but I cant click on anything. If I let the computer sit my monitor will goto sleep after a while and when I move it the screen will come back up to the frozen desktop.


Why is this happening? What causes this? When the install finishes I get the OS X welcome screen and I can go through the initial setup but once the desktop tries to load I am screwed.


Is there a fix for this? I am open to ideas here.


Thanks in advance,


Adam S.

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Just wanted to bump this back up. I am still really desprate here guys. I think I am going to order a new mobo but I hate not having an answer to what went wrong.


Thanks again guys....looking forward to a response

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Dunno, this is the same problem which I am facing.....with Intel DG33FB, nVidia 8600 GT, Kalyway's 10.5.2..... There is some problem with the graphics driver for nVidia.....Anyways if you want to try.......as you select the Apple Mac during bootup......press F8 and try changing the resolution ?? To so try searching the forum........


Bye and take care!

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