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Is PearPC Dead?

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Is the PearPC project dead?


It certainly doesn't look like anything is going on, and I'm sure this has been discussed before, so please forgive me for not finding any info here on this...


I've been a Unix/Linux geek since the 90s, never been into Macs until they started becoming OS X, so I have now jumped into PearPC since I only have a AMD XP 3000+ box.


I have Tiger 10.4 running really nice and OpenVPN Tap installed with the network working, but their is no sound. :)


It really runs quite fast and smooth at 1024x768


I hope someone awakens the project, I'm certain there must be people around the world that still don't have SSE2/SSE3 CPUs...


All I want to see is just plain ole AC97 sound support coming next...


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