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10.5.4 on E1705 with USB boot


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Well I'm at it again. I've acquired a new 120GB external to try to do this and I will try and document it as best as I can. Some of you may remember my other one for 10.4.9 and 10.4.10. I will try to keep to the same standards and be rather thorough.


Distro Used: iATKOS v4i (Get it from the usual places -- one of them took it down so you will need to find an alternative)

Master Guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=15474 (I'm going to use alot of the info from here -- used it back when I had 10.4)


Please note that the iATKOS v4i does start you off at 10.5.4. Looking that the apple store the only disc they have is for 10.5.4 so I guess a 10.5.5 variation will have to wait until apple releases a retail one?


My laptop configuration:

1440x900 LCD screen

DVD+R/-R DL Burner

120GB USB External Drive (no internal drive during testing or installation)

Intel 3945ABG PCI-E Wireless Adapter

Nvidia 7900GS Graphics Adapter


NOTE: During this whole time I would recommend that you make sure that you press F8 and add the cpus=1 boot option. This is the same fix that occured during the 10.4 installs that I did. I will document the tsc fixed kernel and that will resolve the issue so that the boot option is no longer needed.



First Installation:


When installing this disc you only need to select the following additional options. Note that your options may vary however I think the only one that would really change is the video one. Make sure to choose the one that is appropriate.


Additional Patches/SMBIOS Drivers/AppleSMBIOS netkas (needed to correct info and make system profiler work properly)

Drivers/VGA/nVidia/Natit (the nvidia driver I chose to use -- works well)

Drivers/Network/Broadcom 440x (this is the standard ethernet adapter in e1705 laptops)


I also made sure to use a MBR style partition map rather than any of the others. Note that I still used the EFI emulating kernel even though the installer said it couldn't be done.


Just a quickie here for those of you that want to know. Here are the post links for the tsc patched kernels and audiohda patcher. The first to fix the dualcore issue and the second to fix audio. I have not applied either as I am waiting to do 10.5.5 first.


TSCSync Patch: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=117558

AppleHDA Patcher: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=32859

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hey there, i have an e1705 as well. different screen (but same gpu) and i have the 1390, aside from that we have identical comps.


since i have installed about 20+ times so far due to experimenting and being unable to correct my mistakes properly, i've finally perfected my install. i like that you are able to use 10.5.4 right off the bat, i start @ 10.5.1 and do an extra 3 reboots to get there via kalyway 10.5.2/3 + kernals, and 10.5.4 apple update.


how is everything working for you? seems like mine is just wonderful, wondering if you have any hangups or issues. what graphics driver are you using? under system profiler mine shows up as 'graphics by nvidia' and reports 512vram using nvinjectgo, gl works excellently via xbench testing and osx usage and is stable, but nvkush is 10% faster but slows my sleep resume to 20+ seconds!


i can go through my kexts and we could compare if you'd be willing to do so. sounds like u have a pretty kickin install! kudos.

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