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Weird Sound Problem


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Hi there:P


In my OSx86 10.5.1 Kalyway I have a weird problem... When I install any of working soundcards and instal proper drivers my computer start to hold for about 3-5 seconds [only when the sound is played] and then it returns as if it was all ok... Then after about 20 seconds it happens again... and again... an so... When my computer stops for that 3-5 sec, I cannot move mouse and keyboard and from speakers comes a looping sound of a part that was played just before...


Any ideas how to fix this..?


My specs:


MoBo: FSC D1761


CPU: Celeron D (or so) 2,533 GHz (SSE3 capable)


Audio: CMI8738... Using dogbert drivers... 




As far as I'm concerned it is not the reason of drivers but something else...


I have tried a bluetooth HeadSet and the same thing happens...



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