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Help LEO4ALL 10.5.4 Server


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Ok this is the closest distro EVER to boot this damn centrino 2 asus laptop...


In a nut shell Dual booting VISTA on a seperate partition, part1 - MBR

Leo4all on partition 2 obviously mbr too...


2.53 C2D on a Intel ICHI 9 p45 chipset

4 gigs mem


When I choose efi acpi 1.1.0 (for EFI) vanilla Kernal, i boot it in "-v" i got the intelcpupowermanagement, panic, so i deleted that kext, now when i boot it in "-v" i get something about - com."apple.intelpIIsata.SOMETHING" and it dies there, if i dont boot with "-v" it goes to the gray screen and does nothing, if i boot it with cpus=1 i get to the gray screen, and get the circle moving and thats it... can someone with more exp. help?


thanks all...


this is the laptops official specs, either its not supported or i am not selecting the right installs...



is there something special that i have to choose to make it boot on a MBR with vista already installed?

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