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Bad hard drive issue

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Hi all,


have looked for an answer over the forum without success for my brand new 320Gb SATA2 disk.


I~ve initialized the disk (HFS+), went fine but on my first installation attempt (Kalyway 10.5.2) the system did hang up.


After a reboot the installation went fine but since then my hard disk only shows up in red in disk utility and i cant initialize it again.


I lost my installation and have to do it all over again, but i cant initialize the disk. Is it dead for osx86?


Things I~ve already tried:

- formatted using MacDrive on windows

- formatted as fat32 and ntfs to see if disk utility could at least work on it

- Installed WinXP on it to check the hd integrity, all fine so hardware is ok.


No success, it still shows in red before the Kayway installation on DIsk Utilities.


Any help would be great appreciated, thanks in advance.

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If the hardware truly is 100% OK, writing zeros to the drive should make it behave like new on any OS.

This will totally destroy everything on each and every partition, and even the partitions. This is so easy to screw up and total all your data, be sure you only have the one hard drive connected, tripple check it is the right one, etc.


Boot a Linux recovery CD image, ONLY connect the HD you want to totally NUKE.

From the shell use dmesg to find the logical name for the hard drive, then dd to fill it with zeros:


dd if=/dev/zero of=<path from dmsg output> bs=1024k


The same thing works under MAC OSX, but you need to have it running somehow first.


I've had issues with Windows not liking particular drives, and this always cured it.

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