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[Feature Request] Wifi Toggle


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The Macbook lacks the ability to toggle, on and off the wireless devices (wifi, bluetooth), via a quick fn shortcut. It'd be nice if the ability could be built write into Input Remapper. I'm doing it threw a much more "hacked" means, which I dont currently know what to think about it.



I've writtin a VBS script which uses the devcon tool, to toggle on and off the bluetooth and wifi, and then I've mapped "fn f4" to "lshift lctrl lalt f4", made a shotcut for the VBS on the desktop, and then applied the keyboard shortcut to it to that same key combo.


If there were easier means to doing it, It'd sure be nice to know.


On another note of the same subject, does Windows see the fn key as a key at all? and if so whats the key code (e.g. k_fn)?


And I'll keep searching for this more myself, But I figure theres a way to make shortcuts in windows without having to actually make a desktop shortcut, Where in the windows registry are all the keyboard shortcuts?, so I can make a more permanent hack.

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