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Couple of Questions

Tony Stark

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Ok, I'm not new to the whole installing thing, so I know what to do,


But, I have a Compaq V2000 with a Celeron M, 512 Ram, 64MB Intel Graphics, and a 40GB IDE HDD,


Now, I try installing the Kalaway 10.5.1 version, and it will install, but thats it, it'll install and its all over, I have a theory its the IDE HDD, until proven otherwise!


Question 2,


Does iATKOS v4 have Boot Camp? Actually, do any of them have Boot Camp, I theorised it wouldn't work, plus I can't be bother dual-booting, so I also was thinking of trying this, and if someone else wants to give it a shot go for it :)


Ok, now, First step is to have 2 e-sata HDD's, one plugged in, the other not, you install Windows or whatever on the one now plugged in, finito!


Step 2, Unplug the HDD with Windows or whatever, and swap to other HDD, install Leopard onto that, and, Finito!


Step 3, Plug in the Windows one to double check it works, and hope for miracle!


I wanted to know what everyone else thought :S Am I crazy?

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