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Install iDeneb Leopard 10.5.4 on GA-k8n Pro Sli-- Help Please!


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Well hello everybody!!

Any help will be really, really appreciated!!


Well First my Pc Specs:


CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ (SS3 Support)

Motherboard: Ga-K8N Pro-SLI (Gigabyte)

Chipset: NVIDIA, nForce4

Memory: DDR, 2048 MBytes ( 2 GBytes ) / Infineon (166MHz)

Extra info: Trying to install into a 40GBytes external USB drive


Well I'm trying to install de the "iDeneb" Package, I downloaded Version 1.0.

I really don´t know what to choose in the costumize section; In Kernel, I had tried all of the options that claim to work with AMD ( well no one worked ;) ), I made lots of possibilities, with other drivers, but this are the 3 cases that happended to me Post-installation:


1.- When it finished, the OS won't even load, simply start on the black screen, and then rebooted...


2.- Then in another installation kernel, the apple logo did show up, but after a minute or two , a strange icon appeared in the apple ( Like a diagonal line in a circle ), and it never booted ( waited like 30 minutes )


3.- And last, the Apple load but then some bunch of text appeared saying to please reboot my computer, and in the text told something about panic ( I don't know but i think it was something that you guys call "Kernel Panic" )


I would appreciate any, really any help; I don´t know what packages to choose. If I need some "kexts" files for my leopard to work, just tell me the name and I'll google it!! Please!!´


And by the way, I have the riginal Leopard DVD,is there any way i can patch it?? ( In case that my 3.74 GBytes iDeneb image is worthless, it took 3 days of download!, i would not like to download another big boot image!! )


Well any help will be appreciated and thanked -_- , please Help me!!


Alan J.

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