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FS: My Hackintosh C2Q 2.4/6GB RAM/1.5TB Storage/7600GT DDR3/2x DVD-RWs/wifi


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The time has come to sell my hackintosh and move on. It has been running rock solid for quite a while, I just don't use it much.




2.4ghz Intel Core2Quad Q6600

Massive copper heatsink

6GB DDR2 800 RAM

Zotac 7600GT 256MB GDDR3 (SLI ready)

Foxconn P9657AB-8EKRS2H motherboard

Rosewill Stallion Series RD400-2-SB 400w PSU

Seagate 500GB SATA HD

2X Maxtor 500GB Enterprise class drives

Rosewill R6AR6-BK case

Lite-on DVD-RW Lightscribe drive

Samsung DVD-RW drive

Linksys 802.11G PCI wireless card


It's currently running 10.5.2 just fine. I got around the j-micron controller. Everything works on the machine in OSX EXCEPT audio input, and the RAM frequency is reported wrongly. Obviously everything functions fully when booting into Windows.


It has the latest BIOS, It can be OC'd if you want, although I never have. I can send invoices on the parts for warranty purposes.


I can provide no warranty on the OSX install - period. FWIW Vista runs happily on this too if you want to go that route. VMware Fusion also runs great too.


All this stuff cost me nearly $900 in June. Just priced out essentially the same stuff for $850 from newegg - NOT SHIPPED!


Willing to sell for $699 shipped to your door in the lower 48 US states. Offers will be considered but please don't belittle my intelligence by lowballing.


Interested? email me: woojo AT iastate DOT edu

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I would recommend less bumping. It will get you in trouble and make your computer look like no one wants it. That's no way to sell something. At least delete some useless bumps from the topic to clean it up. It does have. Some nice specs but he is right. That case is unappealing.

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Guest GimpGear

I might be interested. I was about to purchase a new machine. Would like to talk to you about this first. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please contact me using the contact information at www.GimpGear.US/contactus.htm


How well does Mac OS to run on this? Is it a functional solution? I was going to try to install or setup build a machine but I simply don't have time. Is Windows Vista or XP also installed for dual booting?

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I am truly amazed nobody has gotten serious here... make it easy for me. I listed my email address in the first post. Please use that instead of making me contact you. If YOU are interested please make the first step.


This machine is going on ebay this Saturday most likely... I'm tired of not having any bites.

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