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Fault booting the install.


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Well, i downloaded Leopard and tried to install it, as it was suggeted in the other topic.

But now i can't even install it (i'm using VMWare), this is what happens;


Now, could someone explain me, how the hell can i take read only off from it? Because when i checked the HDD file itself, it was correct and not read only as the mac install says.


Intel P4 HT @ 3.00GHZ

1GB of ram

Integrated sound

nVidia GeForce 7600 GS

mobo: http://www.ecs.com.tw/extra/865pe-a/


Thanks for your help. :)

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which version are you using? iatkos etc....

Are you using the tutorials for installing in VMware? If not search around mate im sure there is some file editing you have to do to get it to work.

Failing that if you really want to try it then install for real, you will get a much better feel for it, much better then any simulated enviroment,

Hope this helps


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I followed a guide in the Wiki.. i'm using a 10.5.2 via Kalyway.. i know a native install is better but my XP-s bootloader is ****ed up enough already, and if the mac is gonna fail badly then i can't boot up anymore basically.. but i don't know really, i might hook up a 120 GB Sata drive and format that if nothing is gonna help me got rid of my Disk being read only error. The text is a bit fussy, i'm getting sleepy i hope you understand me.

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