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A Different Video Card or a Different Board?

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I'm facing a little bit of a dilemma right now, I need a computer that will support at least three and possibly more 1920*1200 resolution monitors that will last me for at least a year (Planning on picking up a Mac Pro once it's updated and Snow Leopard is out). The GA-EP45 motherboard is highly recommended on these forums, but it only has one PCIe 16x slot, meaning I need to pick up a four head video card (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121247). Frankly that seems a little bit pricy for me (I'm a programmer, I don't play Video Games), would it make sense to purchase another board and purchase two cheaper video cards? Is there one out there that's highly recommended? Will that Video Card I linked even work (Not on the compatibility list but the single version is).


Thanks for the help guys.


P.S. I can do software RAID 0 with this board right?

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Personally, I would go with something by ASUS, EVGA or MSI. I hate Gigabyte boards because I think they are {censored}. All of the GB boards I have owned have had something go wrong, if the dont just stop working completly.

I'd go with something that has 2x PCI express spots, and get two video cards and NOT run them in SLI (SLI does not support dual/multiple displays).

A Cheap Asus Socket 775 boards:



Some Mid Rangeish MSI Boards with 2x PCI-E 2.0:




Some more expensive EVGA Boards with 3x PCI-E 2.0:




I didnt read all of the reviews on all of the boards, its something you might want to do before you make a decision or buy anything. I own the first EVGA board I linked and its rock solid, never had any issues with it other than it dosent play with OSX86 nice.

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I would recommend staying away from NVIDIA chipsets.

This board claims to have two 16x PCI-E slots (but one of them is 8x):


It is fairly inexpensive, and it is starting to have some good support on this forum. If you are not gaming you do not need two 16x slots. From there you are probably going to want a couple HD2600XTs or NVIDIA comparable cards. The HD2600 is not too expensive and there seems to be good support on that card on this forum. However, I have yet to try a multiple graphics card install on a hackintosh.

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