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Sleep and wake up with X1600 and 10.5.4

Dan Druff

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I had a strange behviour of my hackintosh. I was experimenting with kext for video. When ATIRadeonX1000.kext wasn't loaded, I lost QE/CI and other acceleration but I could sleep and wake up normally, when loaded, it gives acceleration but disable wake up (computer hangs).


I would like to know, is there a known fix for this problem and if yes, could you point it to me.


Here are my kext info:


Video (mix of ideas from dm_webd and cyclonefr, look here for later method)

AGPGart -> 2.7.1 with AGP_HOST: 0xf0000000

Natit -> with dual x1600 info.plist, all from DM_webd method look here

ATIRadeonX1000 -> vanilla with 71C2 key added

IONDRVSupport -> Vanilla 1.4.3 (from 10.4.7 combo update kexts)


ATA support

IOATAFamily.kext -> No version number (For ATA Support)


MB support (audio/networking)

AppleAC97Audio.kext -> 1.0.0 (for AC'97 sound support)

AppleAzaliaAudio.kext -> 1.0.0 (for AC'97 sound support)

IONetworkingFamily.kext -> 1.6.0 (for networking)


EFI support

AppleSMBIOS.kext -> 1.0.14 (For compatibility with EFI boot)

dsmos.kext -> No version number (Page description EFI module)


Rest is 10.5.4 vanilla kext.




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There is something more, when I wake up the computer, everything wakes up, monitor, HDD, USB, everything. But my screen is frozen with desktop except that I can move my mouse freely, without a glitch or anything else. It moves but everything else is frozen, I can't even start Voiceover or shutdown with keyboard shortcut.


What could be causing that?

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