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OSX Kernel Panic, Unless I boot from leo4all DVD (as if to reinstall)


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So each time I rebooted, I was simply met with a kernel panic... So I decided, eff it, I'll reinstall. Lo and behold, upon booting into the leo4all (v3) dvd, I was met with a (mostly) working installation. Peculiar, for sure.

Laptop is a lenovo 3000 n100.


I'm not sure that this really bothers me, it's just odd... was wondering if anyone else had encountered this?


ps: "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: unknownrgs on stack"


ah... ahem. well. funny enough...


I forgot it's actually the 4.1 release of leo4all...which is supposedly AMD only... and I installed in on an intel lappy... so... I guess it does somewhat work on intel.


My mistake, sorry for the thread.


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