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Triple boot prior set up

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My PC:


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (Conroe) @ 2.33 GHZ

Motherboard: Intel DG33FB (AAD81072-303)

Video Card: ATI Radeon X700 SE

Memory: Kingston DDR 2 2048 MBytes (2GB Ram)

Fax Modem Card 56 (I use broadband though)


Floppy Drive






Normal Mouse




Creative Speakers


Hard Drive: 250 GB




I have confirmed and happy to know that my PC is compatible with Leopard. I am downloading Kalyway right now. I have just a small question. I have Windows XP and Vista already installed on my system. How to make some prior set up so that the installation does not interrupt my existing oses and then install Leopard without any worries? Any thoughts? :)





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