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Total Newb totally lost


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My hardware is assembled. I have a Leopard 10.5.4 retail disk.


Now what?



I've searched this forum and google until I'm blue in the face. I would rather not go the torrent route. I would prefer to image my retail CD and add the patches myself.


But, what do I need and where do I find it? The lifehacker article references patch files by BrazilMac which are no longer linked, so I'm at a loss as to where to download them.


I'm on an Intel DG31PR board and have otherwise selected hardware that should be out-of-the-box compatible (Q6600 quad core, ATI 2600 HD vid card).


I know I'm like the thousandth person to make a post like this. I feel really incompetent that I can't figure this out. I've never been into the torrent "scene" so that approach is alien to me. I'm a php developer by day and a computer geek by night so provided I can find a cohesive set of instructions this doesn't seem to hard...I just can't find all the information.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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