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Triple Boot (XP, Ubuntu, Leopard 10.5.2) on Latitude D430

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Hello all,


I'm new to this community and the whole OS X 86 experience and was wondering if anyone could offer some help. Here's my story:


So after numerous attempts, I was successfully able to set up a triple boot on my laptop. The problem I seem to be having lie in these areas -


1. I am dealing with 3 boot screens when selecting which OS to load up (GRUB, Windows Bootloader & Leopard bootloader). Is there any way of defaulting to just one of these loaders instead of having all three?


2. On my Leopard OS, I'm having trouble configuring the sound and wireless/network. I've been reading up on the forum and seen the numerous ways folks have been able to get their stuff working and tried using the same technique but to no avail.


If anyone can offer some suggestions and/or solutions for these issues, it would be greatly appreciated.




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You can use thr windows bootloader by selecting that partition as boot partition. Then just use the chain0 method to boot to macosx. It will go throught the darwin bootloader but you should be able to have it just boot to macosx and not to any other partition, then it wont show at all and just boot unless u press f8 then it will so you can specify boot parameters.

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