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hey guys,


i saw that a lot of you are getting some sounds out of a Sigmal-CXD9872AKD...


i tried it with taruga's hdapatcher 1.20, but no success.


the preferences menu gave me the following id:





Taruga's patcher said:


Codec: SigmaTel CXD9872AKD

Vendor-ID: 0x83847664

Subsystem-ID: 0x104d2200


* Detected unsupported SigmaTel Codec




why are the vendor-id's different, if it is the same card? is it maybe caused by a newer revision of the chip??? :-/

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ok..i just noticed, that i dont have any AppleHDA.kext that could be patched by tarugas patcher :/

i only have the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext (i remember that i marked that driver in the setup of os-x)


i deleted the azalia kext and installed a AppleHDA.kext (found in this forum) with OSX86TOOLS.

i read about fixing permissions...i did with osx86tools, too.


ok, after rebooting i retried the patcher 1.20 and a dump file for my card, but its still shown aus HD Audio Output.

taruga said, that this couldnt be possible with the patcher.


what am i doing wrong`?


if i want to completly remove the azalia driver...is deleting the .kext enough????


PLEASE help...i read so often that my audiocard is working in other vaio's (with patcher and dumpfile) but i just wont work :D



sorry for my bad bad english.


any form of help is really appreciated.





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