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Complete freedom to choose parts -- what do I get?

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I'm planning on building myself a hackintosh, pretty much from scratch. I do have a geforce 7800gt that I'd like to use for now if possible, as I'd rather get an ATI 4850 but afaik there are no drivers yet.


Apparently it all comes down to the choice of motherboard. I've seen recommendations for the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4. Unfortunately this is not available at NCIX where I order parts from usually. They do have the DS3L though. As well as a number of other motherboards -- see here. Obviously the more that works out of the box the better, but I am not too bothered about sleep. Shutdown and restart are more important to me. Oh and I like music :D


For CPU I am thinking Q6600 or some other quad core. Also considering a solid 8 GB RAM. Aim is to use it for Lightroom 2, and it's horribly slow under Vista on my A64. Any advise is strongly appreciated.


Thanks all. Can't wait to give this a go.

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