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IOATA controller device blocking bus


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First: I installed Tiger OS ,about a year and half ago, by mounting a volume, using linux dd.exe, which was much harder than this procedure. and I cant even get passed the boot screen for this 10.5

Second: I get this error<IOATA controller device blocking bus> than after "still waiting for root device" I did a search and on the forums and found a string that said turn off all ATA functions in the BIOS, which I did.


Any suggestions?


EVGA 690I A1 version mobo: using a WD Sata 120G solo, reading from a Pioneer SATA DVD/CD

using KAY>3.3G 10.5.2 dvd


found a string here, its older but pertains to nvidia chipset: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=492

I will have to read up on kits,,,that string I mentioned might as well be in latin. Google search says its a bad HD, but I have identical 120's that I have tried both on, same error.

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