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Computer Case - 431-06 c.2828 [Mac clone]

Kane Adams

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Key Features$42.00

  1. Three hinged doors in front to conceal hardware
  2. 500 Watt atx power supply included (both 20 pin and 24 pin type)
  3. 11 Device Bays
  4. Silver metallic look with metal handles
  5. Intel Air Guide included

Product Description:

The silver atx computer case has an awesome looking silver metallic architecture. Built onto the chassis of this computer case is strong metal handles for reliable transportation. The way this case stands allows for a small amount of under-storage as well. Inside the computer case is a hefty 500W atx power supply with a built in 20 pin or 24 pin selectable atx connector. (ie. It doesn't matter if your motherboard has a 20 pin or 24 pin atx connector; this power supply can handle both.) See the picture below this paragraph to see the 20 pin to 24 pin adapter on the power supply. There are 11 device bays. Four of the bays are 5.25", and 7 of the bays are 3.5". On the side panel of the computer case an Intel Air Guide is mounted for fresh ambient air to cool your processor. On the bottom of the panel is a ventilation area compliant to the Intel Prescott standard. On the front of the case there are three hinged doors to conceal all of your hardware. The doors covering the 5.25" bays and the 3.5" bays are spring loaded so they automatically close when the drive is not in use.








Though someone might like a look at it.

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