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I suddenly can only boot using -f switch


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I have a fresh iATKOS v4.0i installation. I installed some programs I needed and suddenly, between two reboots, I can only boot when I use the -f switch.

I remember that everything worked fine before I installed Little Snitch (which requires a restart to complete its installation) - but that might be a coincidence.

LS however runs fine, so I don't think that there was a problem with the installation.


When I don't use the -f switch, my system almost instantly reboots. Using -v doesn't help, since everything is too fast to read.

It takes less than a second from hitting return at the boot loader prompt before the reboot occurs.


How can I nail the error down? Is there a way to prevent the reboot so that I could at least read the output?

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I used my cell phone's camera to capture a video of the boot process.

The output is as follows:

Loading Darwin/x96

Loading kernel mach_kernel

Loading HFS+ file [mach_kernel] from $SOME_ADDRESS

Loading HFS+ file [mach_kernel] from $SOME_ADDRESS

LoadDrivers: Loading from [/system/Library/Extensions.mkext] ...

Loading HFS+ file [...Extenstions.mkext]...

Loading HFS+ file [...Extenstions.mkext]...

EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH

Using SMBIOS table found at $SOME_ADDRESS

Using ACPI revision 0 found at $SOME_ADDRESS

Starting Darwin/x86

-> BAM! Reboot...


Does this ring a bell for anybody?

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I had the same problem.

kernel caches was corrupted (Extensions.mkext and caches directory).

You have to delete then. And force the system to rebuilt the kext cache.


Some terminal command.


 sudo -s
[enter password]
rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/caches
rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext


The system built the cache at statup.


Works for me!!

Sorry for my poor English

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