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Compaq Presario C776CA Laptop

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OK, looks like you are in the C700 family......good news. Based on the info from HP

Audio should work no problem (no headphone, mic, or mic jack)

You should be good with chipset, video, touchpad, usb, lan, DVD/CD read/burn

If the wifi is Broadcom you are good.......not sure if a fix for the Atheros has been found

I think the card reader works, but not sure

The unit will NOT need to run cpus=1 (unless HP did something strange on the C776CA

Unit does very well using a vanilla kernel.

The C700s will sleep and wake fine, but the fan will not return to active state after wake

A good thread is here

Over all, if you can get a good deal, it's not a bad choice.

Good luck


BTW, iATKOS v4i, Kalyway 10.5.4 both work great - JaS 10.5.4, iDeneb 10.5.4 not so good on the C700

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