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10.5.4 recently stopped booting


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I have what used to be a very stable hackintosh built on a P5K deluxe with an E7200. Everything was great for a while, but recently I've been getting more crashes, and this morning I couldn't boot the system at all. Somehow a few times when I got a panic in the boot cycle, my bios settings were getting wiped, which was weird, but it seems to have stabilized, and I now hang at the line

cscotun: ready for operation


I attached a screen shot as well, but it's hard to read.


Any tips on where to go from here? Also, what could have caused this? I think the only change since last boot was updating to iTunes 7.7.1, could that have done this?



Interesting. Trying again, I get "error mapping module file ..." for a ton of libraries, and then I get stuck in what looks like a ReportCrash loop (it spits out a bunch of text from ReportCrash about how it the dylibs it can't load or something). DirectoryService is now trying to launch, but right after it starts it dies with CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page




Now I'm stuck with "syncing disks, killing all processes", followed by "CPU Halted", and it isn't kidding. I can boot using -v -x -s into single-user mode, but I don't really see what to do from there. This is a Kalyway 10.5.2 -> Kalyway 10.5.3 combo update -> vanilla 10.5.4 update -> modbin 10.5.4 kernel, but that all was stable for months.


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