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Keyspan makes a couple of remotes that work great with Macs.








I picked up the RF remote because I have a Hackintosh media center that

drives two TV's that are in two different rooms and I wanted to be able to

use the same remote in both rooms.


Only problem is that different programs require different key commands to

do more or less the same thing and there was no config utility included.

Fortunately, Iospirit makes a program called remote buddy to fix this. I

highly recommend this software. The Keyspan remote was only semi-useful

until I found out about Remote Buddy. Now it is simply awesome. Remote

Buddy has a bunch of key binding presets for all the most common media Apps

and you can define your own behaviors as well. So now I can use Front Row,

Media Central, VLC, Quicktime, iTunes, DVD player etc and every key on the

Keyspan remote does what you'd expect. Actually you can control EVERYthing

on your computer with one of the supported remotes if you're inclined. Virtual

keyboard, mouse, file browser, Web Browser etc.




Hope this helps.

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