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Very Fustrated=Please help


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I purchased an iphone from around the way and its locked to Att which really sucks. I had a CECT P168 with Tmobile before i got the iphone but i sold the CECT and would like to use Tmobile on my Iphone.


I like how Tmobile lets me pay month to month, and with Att they make me submit to a 1 year contract and they do a credit check ;) Thats a no no for me


The model of my Iphone is A1203. Its using the newest firmware.


I have been looking at youtube tutorials and i have had no success.


The tutorial i followed advised me to downgrade to 1.0.2, But i kept getting error in itunes, like..


"the iphone iphone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred 1600"


Is my phone a first or second generation? How to tell if its 3g? Can anyone please link me to a concise tutorial of jailbreaking/unlocking iphone?


I have downloaded many tools, and for some reason they wont execute when i double click them, i get errors.. QuickPwn, WinPawn, Ziphone. These wont open for me.


Please help me. People around teh way are charging 50 bucks for this.


PS. If i try to run Winpwn, or Quick pwn, Ziphone I get an error message that says " this application failed to initialize properly ( 0xc0000135), CLick ok to terminate the application. If i try to use iliberty, it will get stuck when its * entering restore mode* for the first time. It will then give me options to retry, manually do it, or quit. I have manually put it in but the iliberty reads my device as disconnected. This is very confusing.

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and stop buying phones from crackheads


Me, I would pull the "stop being a crackhead" card...

I mean, it really isn't that hard to tell if you have a first or second generation iPhone as they have *DISTINCT* physical differences that are visible very easily... namely the whole "Is the back flat or is it rounded", although there are plenty of other very noticeable differences between the two, including the things like "is your phone made of metal or is it plastic?"


Plus, unlocking is very easy if you use something like pwnage tool, assuming of course that you are using the original iPhone instead of the 3G as to the best of my knowledge there is not yet a 3G unlock available.



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