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ATI X1300 (i think) low profile not working (also other noob questions)


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Ok to start, i apologise for my lack of understanding with this, im good with Windows and Linux, but the whole Mac OS thing is pretty new to me.


So a breakdown of my problems.


Firstly, i have a Dell Optiplex 745, the SFF version.


I checked the HCL list before install, it said pretty much everything will work (bar the network card), i bought a new network card (RTL8139) which is fine.


Did the install, first time i ran through (using the Kalyway disc, which is amazing btw) i had no trouble, but i forgot to tick the ATI driver, and just went through on defaults.


Install went perfect, but when OSX booted, i could only get 1024X768 on one of the two monitors (they were cloned to both btw) and couldnt change dual display.


Also it seems my sound doesnt work.


Sound is not an issue, i can live / fix that later.


I then went back to the install disc to try with the right drivers, i turned on the X1000 series kexts, and reinstalled.


Also had a look for the "azalia" option for the sound, but i couldnt find anything referring to Azalia at all.


when i reinstalled, OSX would just try to load, reboot, try to load reboot, etc.


So i did another install using default options, and here i am, OSX on 1024X768 single monitor.


System profile says i have a device ID of 0x7183, which translates to an ATI X1550 which is what i thought i had, its revis 0 btw (0x0000)


How can I

a) install a new kext for it

:) if it fails, how can i disable the kext or remove it without a reinstall


And where can i get it from?


The HCL said i would only be able to get 1280X1024X32 but that is fine as that is native for my 19in LCD's.


I'm hoping for dual screen, but i can live with one if necessary.


After i have solved this issue i will work on sound, but any advice that can be given now on either topic is much appreciated, again sorry for my noobish talk, im not quite familar enough with OSX to talk "fluent"





EDIT: Sorry i should have said, im using 10.5.2 Kalyway.


EDIT2 - I think its an ATI X1300, its the low profile model, with the single interface plug (+ a TV out plug) into a "splitter" style cable with two DVI or VGA plugs.

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Ok I found a kext (the Natit auto one) and now i have all the resolutions supported, but i still cant have multiple monitors, at first it was one monitor only, and now i have both again, cloned vision.


I will keep looking, also it is a confirmed ATI X1300, i really should have looked before i removed windoze.... :(

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