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shutdown_fix problem


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Hi Forum,


I am running Leopard 10.5.4 on a Gigabyte GA EP35-DS3P. I am having issues with system shutdown,

as many people have,


I have installed the CPU Preference Plane (via onyx), and if I disable one CPU manually

the system shuts down properly. So my problem seems related to the known issue of disabling all

CPU Cores at shutdown...


I did then install shutdown_fix, which basically installes a compiled onecore.c as a startupitem,

which calls /sbin/poweroff_fix in the StopService section.


While it is working fine from command line (either directly running


/Library/StartupItems/shutdownfix/shutdownfix stop


or running


/sbin/SystemStarter stop shutdownfix


disables one CUP as expected.


My problem now is that despite all of that I still have shutdown problems and I *assume* that for some

reasons the fix does not get executed on system shutdown.

I did modify the line /sbin/poweroff_fix in /Library/StartupItems/shutdownfix/shutdownfix to

/sbin/poweroff_fix > /shutdownfix.txt,


expecting a file beeing visible afer a restart indicating that poweroff_fix was executed, but there is no file,

so that's why I assume the SystemStarter does not execute the shutdownfix / stop at shutdown.

(putting an echo start > /shutdown-start.txt into the StartService section creates a file after boot,

so I know the StartupItem gets executed on Startup)



My questions are:


- are there known issues / configuration tasks which must be considered with the SystemStarter to execute ShutdownScripts ?

- which (probably more accurate) options do I have for troubleshooting =

- am I alone or do others have the same / similar issues?



Thanks a lot,

best regards,


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Try removing all your fixes and install the 9.4.0 StageXNU kernel (don't forget the matching system.kext).






It worked for me. I have tried almost everything and Restart, Sleep and Shutdown work! I can't believe it!


I have a Asus P5E WS PRO (X38), XFX XXX Alpha Dog 8800 GT OC and a Q6600 cpu.


Many, Many thanks!!!



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Hi, I used to have the shutdown problem with a vanila 9.4.0 kernel on an ASUS P5E/C2D E8400.


I installed the CHUD dev. package & the shutdown fix. Through the CPU Pref. Pane I realized that my CPU was identified as a PIII with Hyperthreading instead as a dualcore one. I tweaked the BIOS with the following settings:


CPU & PCI-e Spreading ENABLED

Speedstep ENABLED


Everything else DISABLED

S3 Sleep Mode


Then I got 2 Cores showing up on The CPU Pref.Pane and shutdown worked 10 out of 10.


PS. The BIOS Version is 0702.

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Why would my e8400 show up as a Pentium 3 CPU in the CPU Pref. Pane ?

Is there a way to remedy this ?


Initially in the "About this Mac" window the CPU was reported as "Unknown" so I had to manually change it.

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