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ASUS Goldfish3 P4 512 Ram?

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Ok so I am really starting to get into macs. I dont have enough money to go out and buy a new pc or buy a Mac in general. We have macs at school but they are really slow. Our teachers just got MacBook Pros with Leopard installed and ive checked them out and Leopard just seems so cool.


So all i have is an HP a1220n Desktop with :



Mobo: Asus PTGD1-LA (Goldfish3), Chipset i915P/i915G

GPU: Intel® 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 516, 2933 MHz (22 x 133)


and i was wondering if this is good enough to run iATKOS 4i, that is what i have tryed to install it with.


Ok I com here asking if it is good enough because i have tryed to install it but every time i does not seeem to work right. I get it up and booted i wipe the hard drive using the Disk Utility with Mac Journeled (extended) or w/e that option is. I configure it to install it with only the


iATKOS 4i Main System

Darwin Bootloader


Kernel 9.4.0



i have those tabbed


It installs correctly, some times it shows the Screen with the Big X with the progress bar at the bottom and some times it disappears and i have to open the Log to view the installation log


But when the screen wit hthe progress bar does appear it installs all the way, restarts, i take the CD out and then, it says


Loading Darwin/x86

EFI Enhanced bootloader build: ToH

using SMBIOS table found at 0x000fc340

using SCPI RSDD revision 0 found at 0x000fb5a0

Starting Darwin/x86


and then my pc restarts and then goes back and does the same thing. That text above appears for a slit second and then it restarts, i had to use the Pause/Break button just to see what it said.


so if anybody could please help me and suggest anything that would be wonderful. Now i do realise that it is probably iATKOS 4i that is the problem in general, its just i dont want to go downloading another because it took me forever to dl this one and dont feel like wating hehe :(

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