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3870X2 black screen after driver install


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gday guys, im very new to OSX86, so ive im posting in wrong section please let me know and i will correct.


ive installed Jas install, works and boots perfect, i go to change my resoultion by upgrading the drivers to ATI 3870x2, the problem is, i read the guide etc, i couldn't find the pci ID so i left it out, did everyting else, and i also ran the 3870x2 drivers supplyed on the disc and get the same result


when i boot again i get the apple loading screen, then it goes black, im assuming this is a driver issue?


if someone can tell me how to get my pci id without loading into leopard 10.5.4 (latest) please advise as i think this might fix it by accessing the terminal


thanks for your help


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