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Simple Dual Boot Error


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I followed a couple of the dual boot guides and pretty much got everything working with only *hopefully* one noticeable problem...


I am dual booting XP and Leopard so I did the Chain0 method...


Everything goes good I restart and I get the menu to chose XP or OS X. If i pick xp it goes fine no probs. If I chose os x only one small prob... it goes to the darwin loader and then after the five second time out comes back to the list where i have to chose xp or os x......


If I press enter before the 5 second timeout is over I get a list of my 3 partitions. It alrdy highlights my xp partition so i have to go to the mac one and select that.... Then everything loads fine an dandy.


I wanna know if theres a way to avoid pressing enter then picking the mac partition at the darwin prompt....


it shouldnt b too hard to do... i just dont know how... hopefully someone else can help.



BTW idk if its imp or not but i have 3 partitions... since its an hp comp it has a partition for recover alrdy set in there.. u can guess the other 2 partitions..

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