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xcode for tiger


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Hi all,


I've got the Jas 10.4.8 image and got it all installed fine. Its a little slow but I'm not hoping for extreme performance yet. I want to try out ruby on rails development with tiger and so it appears I need macports to install things.


I've got macports installed but now it seems to compile ports I need xcode, and the only xcode version I can find says it requires leopard to run.


Can anyone point me to the version of xcode suitable for running on Tiger 10.4.8?


Grateful for any help.




Sorry, this should probably have been posted in the post-installation section but I don't know how to move it now.


Incidentally I have searched the ADC site for 2 hours yesterday trying to get xcode 2.x for Tiger, but I can only find a download for xcode 3.x


I can find documentation for 2.x but all the talk about download just says "it's available on the ADC" and doesn't actually give any links.

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Become an ADC member (it's free, just link your Apple ID to the site) and then go to the Downloads section.

On the right, click Developer Tools. Then scroll waaaaaaaay down and you'll see a download for Xcode 2.5.







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