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Hello everyone! I need some advice about my OS X... 8880GTS!


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Hello, im new to OS X World, and i can say im total newb in some things...

First of all i read a lot of tutorials and i tryed to install mac os X leopard 10.5.2.

Installation goes fine , everything worked except 8800GTS 640MB (Only 1024*768)

I need answer to some things ...


1. After mac install i updated to 10.5.3 and 10.5.4, when installation ask me for kernel i chose vanilla, after that my comp wont propertly install and restart,

Ok somehow in this forum i can find answers how to fix that BUT...


... 2. i dont know how to make my grafic card work fully with full resolution 1680*1050, i tryed nv installer, EFI studio , 9f9installer.pkg, and after that he gave me full resolution but my colors are realy messed up (I bearly read text).

This is most important thing for newbie me , to have full resolution :wacko:


So if anyone can help me with this, please give a try. Which version , kernel, and drivers i must have to make 8800GTS 640 MB work?



My conf specs are. Q6600 , X48-DS4, 8800GTS 640MB version, 2GB Cruciall ballistix tracer, Seasonic M12-600W, Samsung 233BW.


Thank you very much , i hope some skilled peoples will help me.

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