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Dual Booting noob doubt

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Hello Everyone, its great being in this community.

First of all excuse my bad english


Im new to all these OSX , hackontish, kernel,bootloader etc... terms

But i want to install Latest Leopard 10.5.4 on my PC

i Want to dual boot Vista & Leopard

My System Specs :


CPU : Intel 64 bit Supported 3.06 GHZ P4 (SSE2, SSE3 Supported)

Motherboard: Intel 915 GAV motherboard

Sony DVD Writer

160 GB SATA HDD on Slot 1 ( I want to install both Vista & leopard in this Disk )

320 GB SATA HDD on Slot 0

2 X 1 GB 400 Mhz Ram

Nvidia Geforce 6500 256 MB Gfx Card

Realtek High Definition Audio

D-Link - Wired - Lan Card - DFE 520TX


Anyone who have patience kindly briefly explain me the terms Bootloader,KERNEL,SMBIOS etc...


And Also Please Explain me the about the Drivers i have to Install to make my Hardware Work Good in Leopard


Thanks in Advance


Sorry for my bad English once again

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